Curriculum: More on Balanced Literacy and Social Studies

Our educators are finalizing curriculum maps and assessments. We added some details on the website about the balanced literacy approach that will be used in the Language Arts program, and about the Social Studies curriculum designed by our educators.

  • Balanced Literacy. The language arts program at Francophone Charter School of Oakland is based on a balanced literacy approach, an approach based on a balance between several different factors.
    • Balance between reading, writing, listening, speaking and word work.
    • Balance between whole language and phonics instruction. That means that children learn to read and write by reading real literature and also by looking at the parts and sounds that make up words.
    • Balance between whole group instruction (when the class is reading or writing all together), small group instruction (when the teacher is working with a group of students with a similar instructional need) and individual instruction (when the teacher can conference with students one on one).
    • By implementing the nine components of balanced literacy, there is a balance between the responsibility of the teacher and the responsibility of the students. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for modeled, shared, guided and independent reading and writing.
      For more on balanced literacy, click here.
  • The Social Studies and Global Citizenship curriculum is an inquiry-based curriculum that aligns with the California State Standards in History-Social Science. Students learn not only about their local region, state and country but also about countries around the world. The curriculum includes hands-on projects and activities to guide inquiry, a focus on global citizenship and civic engagement, connections to protecting the environment, an integration of visual arts, music, dance and theater, cross-curricular links to language arts, science and math, and classroom community development. The curriculum covers the major disciplines of history, geography, civics and economics.
    For more on Social Studies, click here.

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Feedback on Budget and Strategic Priorities

The Francophone Charter School of Oakland education team drafted a plan for the school’s budget and strategic priorities that includes seven goals which align with the state of California’s priorities for school spending.

The Local Control Funding Formula requires all California public schools to solicit parent and community input when determining their budget.

We conducted a meeting on Saturday, June 13th to solicit feedback from our parent community and supporters. For those unable to attend the meeting, we would like to give you an opportunity to provide feedback online on our school plan via a survey.

Here is the link to the survey.

For the full plan, go to this link: