Now Collecting “Intent to Enroll” Forms for 2016-17

Interested in the Francophone Charter School for next year? The school needs to submit a new facility request to the Oakland Unified School District under Proposition 39 for 2016-17. As part of this application, the school will have to include “Intent to Enroll” forms for all students planning to enroll at the school next year, including students currently enrolled at the school.

Please fill out this form and return it to us as soon as possible, or by October 30, 2015 to help us obtain a district facility for 2016-17!

BASC Enrichment Programs Starting September 30

Our Before and After School Care (BASC) enrichment programs will start September 30th. There is limited space available for these activities. They are on a first come, first served basis. See below for descriptions, pricing and registration. Contact Louiza,, for more information!

Monday – Finger Knitting 3:45 – 4:45pm

Have you ever seen a wool scarf or hat and though to yourself “I sure wish I knew how to make one of those”? Well, here is your opportunity to learn! Fatoumata, the older sister of our very own 2nd grader Oumou, is an experienced finger knitting instructor and will teach you all her techniques, without needles. Please register at the front office.

Tuesday – Chess 3:45 – 5pm (All grade levels)

Learn to play chess with Success Chess! Success Chess knows how fun chess really is and specialize in combining approaches that nurture a love for the game while creating young chess champions at the same time.  Students will begin with the basic concepts of the game and throughout the year learn to play. This class is designed to engage chess players of all skill levels, so students brand new to Chess or young Chess masters will greatly benefit from this 1 hour class! (TK – 3rd)
Register at

Wednesday – Zoo 2:30 – 4pm (All grade levels)

Every Wednesday, the Oakland Zoo is coming to you! This 90-minute class is full of wildlife discovery, arts and crafts, and games, and getting up close to all sorts of animals! Children will spend 10 weeks learning about the animal kingdom while exploring their creative and scientific minds! Please register at the front office.

Thursday – Tuff Tumblers 3:45 – 4:15pm (All grade levels)

We all know just how active our little Francophones are! Well now they can channel this energy with Tuff Tumblers every Thursday after school for 8 weeks. Tuff Tumblers teaches the usual tumbling: handstands, cartwheels, somersaults, etc while also incorporating body movement and awareness through music, as well as large and small motor skills.  Please register at the front office.

Friday – Lego Engineering 3:30pm – 5pm (All grade levels)

Design and build motorized machines, catapults, pyramids, demolition derby cars, and suspension bridges, buildings and other constructions. Explore concepts in physics, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and architecture while paying with your favorites creations. This is a hands-on and mind-on class suitable for LEGO novices, advanced builders and everyone in between! This class will incorporate problem solving and critical thinking skills while students begin to explore their creative sides through self expression. Please register at the front office.